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Mongrel SP Zip Siders Wheat Boot

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Mongrel SP Zip Siders 261050 Wheat Boot

  • Fully Lined
  • AirZone Comfort System
  • TPU ToughSider II Sole
  • PU Comfort Innersole
  • Heel Protection
  • Steel Toe-Cap
  • Sizes 3 - 14 (6.5 - 10.5)
  • AS/NZS 2210.3 Class 1
  • I.D No 2200
  • Heat Resistant Sole to 150º
  • Slip Resistant Tread Pattern
  • Acid Resistant sole
  • Sole Resistant to Organic Fats and Oils
  • Greater “Front-End” Protection with ToughSider II Sole Design

AirZone technology is a highly effective element of sole design that reduces the long term degenerative effects of heel strike for wearers. Especially important for workers – the AirZone Comfort System allows an area of give in the heel – creating a shock absorber effect. And since comfort is a safety issue in itself – this low cost but superior technology is a real winner for workers.

Heel descends the AirZone Comfort System is ready to expand and trap air in the cavity immediately below the heel.

Heel contact sees the full effect of the AirZone created between heel and the ground. Escaping air and the return of the cavity wall to normal – induces a rebound effect on uplift.

Heel Uplift has the cavity back to normal and ready to begin a new comforting cycle.


ToughSider II

Mongrels revolutionised sole design with its wrap around sole design. Our new improved ToughSider II features the highly slip resistant sole pattern with ladder grips and independent heel while maintaining a super effective wedge design. The SP Series includes greater increased scuff cap for when extra toe-cap protection is required.

In line with the latest in international sole design – the new Mongrels sole features ‘Roller sole’ technology. This computer aided design features creates a roller action when walking. The roller action increases comfort by making the action of walking far smoother and at the same time lessens long term wear fatigue.

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